Closed Joint Stock Company “Transrivita” was founded in 1998 and for more than twenty years has been providing quality legal, consulting and representation services to Lithuanian and foreign customers. During it’s course of business, the company has been closely collaborating with lawyers, attorneys, notaries, bankers and translators in Lithuania and abroad.

Our main achievement in the market of international corporate banking services is a network of intermediary agreements with Lithuanian and foreign banks and other payment institutions, which enable us to identify and verify the customer, recommend and represent him / her in the process of opening settlement accounts.

Key activities of our company are:

  • opening of bank accounts for non-resident companies (in Lithuania, countries of the EU, Switzerland and in a variety of offshore jurisdictions);
  • opening of banking accounts for Lithuanian companies in foreign countries;
  • providing advice on document preparation issues for opening of banking accounts;
  • analysing of the structure of a company or a group of companies and consulting on the effect of the structure of a company or a group of companies on successful opening of banking accounts;
  • consulting on changing of the structure of a company or a group of companies in order to improve chances of successful opening of banking accounts;
  • preparing documents and certification of copies of the documents for banks and payment institutions;
  • helping with legalization and endorsement of documents with apostille in foreign countries;
  • carrying out procedures related to inheritance of property located abroad;
  • drawing up and analysing of agreements, contracts and other legal documents;
  • writing contracts for purchase and sale of a business, overseeing the execution of such contracts;
  • analysing of performance and activities of companies experiencing financial difficulties, consulting on issues of bankruptcy and restructuring, providing analysis of solvency of customers and partners;
  • managing of internal crises, mediation on disagreements between owners and\or heads of the company.

Requisites of the company:

Company code: 124572224
VAT payers code: LT245722219
Address: Pamurines str. 1, Salcininkai, LT-17126, Lithuania

Settlement accounts:

Siauliu bankas, AB:  LT78 7180 3000 1846 7763
Medicinos bankas, UAB: LT06 7230 0000 0146 7421
Paysera LT, UAB: LT14 3500 0100 0210 3129





Address: Smolensko str 6 -416, LT-03111, Vilnius
Phone No.: +370 5 2615873
Mobile phone No.: +370 652 55572 ( Viber Viber-App-Logo copy, Telegram telegram-512 copy )

Arrangements for meetings should be made in advance.

Working hours:

I-IV: 09.00 – 16.30
V: 09.00 – 15.30